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DLG 650 Pro LED Full Spectrum + UV + IR

DLG 650 Pro


  • Ultra High efficiency

  • Full area light coverage

  • Samsung full spectrum LED diodes

  • Osram led 660nm red light

  • Additional IR and UV LED

  • New spider design

  • Controller suitable

  • Inventronics 600 Watt driver

  • Including adjustable hang wires

  • Including all power cables and dimmer

  • Noiseless

The newest and most effective design is found in this modern DLG LED spider grow light. The light coverage is optimal and covers all corners of the ground area. 600 Watts worth of LEDs are efficiently used for optimal and evenly growth. The addition of Infra Red and Ultra-Violet LEDs ensures the complete spectrum of light is transmitted to the crop. Its  perfect for spaces from 1.2 to 1.5m2, ideal for indoor gardens. This LED grow light has cooling along each beam and dissipates the heat upwards away from the crop where it is easily blown out by fans. Additionally it is fully dimmable from 10-100%. The Samsung LEDs are very efficient and generate more than 200lm per Watt. This new design makes sure the full potential of the LED diodes is used by spreading them out evenly over the area.  


  • Inventronics driver 

  • Aluminum design

  • Samsung & Osram + IR + UV LEDs

  • Adjustable hang wires

  • Power cord

DLG 650 Pro
DLG 650 Pro
DLG 650 Pro

Technical specifications
Cooling rib material: Aluminum
Fixture size: 110x110cm
Input voltage: 90-305 Volt
Power consumption: 50-600 Watt
Samsung and Osram Diodes
Spectrum: White, Red, IR, UV   

Lifetime: 50,000 hours
Temperature: 10 to 50 degrees
Driver Inventronics: 600

DLG 650 Pro

Recommended height


  • Seedlings: 60-90cm

  • Grow: 50-70cm

  • Flowering: 40-60cm

Recommended surface area


  • Seedlings: 1.8m2

  • Grow: 1.5m2

  • Flowering 1.4m2

DLG 650 Pro
DLG 650 Pro
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