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DLG 480 Watt LED Full Spectrum

DLG 480

Full spectrum LED grow light with white 3000K and red 660nm LED diodes.

This modern and ultra efficient DLG LED grow light is very powerful with 480Watt output from the LED diodes. Perfect for spaces from 1 to 1.5m2, ideal for indoor gardens. This LED grow light has a thin design with integrated cooling rib and is fully dimmable from 10-100%. Thanks to this cooling rib, the heat is dissipated upwards and little heat radiates onto the crop. The LEDs are very efficient and generate more than 200lm per Watt. Less energy is lost in the form of heat, so less energy is required for the same effect with regular lamps.

DLG 480 Watt
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  • High efficiency - low power consumption

  • Good spread of light 

  • Samsung full spectrum LED diodes

  • Epistar led 660nm red light

  • Thin design

  • Fully Dimmable

  • Meanwell 480w driver

  • Plug and play

  • Including suspension cables with buckles

  • Including Power cable and dimmer

  • Noiseless

DLG 480



  • Meanwell driver with dimmer

  • Aluminum heatsink with Samsung & Epistar LEDs

  • Metal suspension cables

  • Power cord

Technical specifications
Cooling rib material: Aluminum
Size cooling rib: 66x 49x1 cm
Input voltage: 90-305 Volt
Power consumption: 50-480 Watt
LED diodes Samsung and Epistar
Spectrum: 3000K and 660nm
Number of LEDs: 1008 + 144
Lifetime: 50,000 hours
Temperature: 10 to 50 degrees
Driver Meanwell: 480w

Recommended surface area


  • Seedlings: 1.5m2

  • Grow: 1.4m2

  • Flowering: 1.2m2

DLG 480 Watt
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