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DLG 650 Watt Spider - LED Full Spectrum

Full spectrum LED grow light with white 3000K and red 660nm LED diodes.

DLG 650 Spider (1).jpg


  • High efficiency - lower power consumption

  • Optimal spread of light - no hot spots

  • Samsung full spectrum LED diodes

  • Additional red light LED's

  • Thin design and foldable

  • Fully Dimmable

  • Plug and play

  • Including adjustable hang wires

  • Including all cables and dimmer

  • Noiseless

This modern and ultra efficient LED grow light is very powerful with 600Watt LED diodes. Perfect for spaces from 1 to 1.5m2, ideal for indoor gardens. This LED grow light has a thin design with integrated cooling ribs and is fully dimmable from 10-100%. Thanks to this design, the heat is dissipated upwards and little heat radiates onto the crop. The LEDs are very efficient and generate more than 200lm per Watt. Less energy is lost in the form of heat, so less energy is required for the same effect with regular lamps.

DLG 650 Spider (37).jpg


  • 2 Drivers with dimmer

  • Aluminum heatsink 

  • Adjustable hang wires

  • Power cord

DLG 650 Spider (34).jpg

Technical specifications
Cooling rib material                  Aluminum
Size cooling rib                         106x 106x3,2 cm
Input voltage                            90-305 Volt
Power consumption                  50-600 Watt
LED diodes Samsung and Epistar
Spectrum                                  3000K 4000K and 660nm
Lifetime                                     50,000 hours
Temperature                             10 to 50 degrees


DLG 650 Spider (8).jpg

Effects on space and plants
The use of LED has many advantages as described above. This has consequences for the space itself and causes changes in the plants.
The room itself heats up less quickly compared to regular lamps due to the high efficiency and better heat dissipation. As a result, less intensive extraction is required and the plants will need less water. As a result, the use of food also decreases.
The LED panel is arranged in such a way that the distribution of the more than 1000 diodes is spread over a large area. So there is no hot spot like with regular lamps, so the plants grow evenly. In addition, LED light has a different effect on the plants, the plants remain shorter with short internodes.

Recommended surface area


  • Seedlings: 1.8m2

  • Grow: 1.5m2

  • Flowering: 1.4m2

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DLG 650 Spider (31).jpg
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